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Congres in Madrid eind september: World Employment Confederation

Van dinsdag 29 september tot en met donderdag 1 oktober 2020 is in Madrid het wereldwijde congres van de World Employment Confederation.

De eerste dag is een interne dag voor leden, waar ook leden van federaties bij aanwezig kunnen zijn. Op dag twee en drie zijn de drie hoofdthema’s:

  • The Workforce Evolution: how we can integrate workers’ new expectations; create a meaningful employee experience; rebuild stability and predictability in professional careers; and how HR analytics can be used in an efficient and ethical way.
  • The Competitive Landscape: how organisations can reorganise themselves to become more agile – while at the same time managing a workforce that has become more fluid; how the rise of platform work and the Gig Economy are disrupting our industry.
  • The Institutional Framework: how we can make labour markets more inclusive and work for all; how we reinvent safety nets to suit a diverse workforce; how we can develop solutions to allow lifelong learning in line with more fluid work patterns; and what role our social partners should play in all of this.

De voorinschrijving is geopend. Op de congreswebsite vindt u meer informatie.

L. (Laura) Spangenberg, spangenberg@abu.nl

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