ABU: Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen


The ABU is the representative of companies in the agency work sector. With over 500 members we represent 65% of the market. All kinds of intermediaries – small, medium or large – can become ABU members. Our mission is clear: to represent your best interests. Whether your company engages in temporary agency work, mediation for self-employed workers, payrolling, secondment, recruitment & selection, or work-to-work mediation. ABU membership has been a mark of quality and reliability for more than 55 years. And with those years of experience, we can make the difference for you!


To become and remain an ABU member, you must satisfy a number of membership criteria and rules of conduct. To ensure the quality of ABU membership, the ABU has a comprehensive system of quality checks, including audits which are carried out by Auditing Institutions (AIs).


The subscription depends on the company’s turnover and is set annually by the General Meeting of Members (ALV). To determine its subscription, each member must provide the ABU secretariat with a statement from an accountant indicating the turnover achieved in the previous calendar year.

Sign up for membership

Are you interested in ABU membership? Send an email to verenigingszaken@abu.nl to receive more information about membership and an application form.