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CLA temporary agency workers

Some brochures and leaflets have been translated in English and Polish. Here you can find the translated brochures and download them. Some brochures are also available in our webshop.

Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Agency Workers


  • App 'CAO Uitzendkrachten 2017-2019' (Dutch, English, Polski)
    • + Summary in (Dutch, English, Polski, Deutsch, Türkçe).





Voorkant Whitepaper Labour Migrants.PNG

We published a whitepaper about the economic value of labour migrants for the Netherlands. The facts and figures used in this White Paper were drawn from a report recently published by the Economic Research Foundation (SEO) entitled: The Economic Value of Labour Migrants from Central and Eastern European for the Netherlands. At the conclusion of this White Paper, we make a number of recommendations for regional and local governments for creating an effective housing and working policy for labour migrants.

Download Whitepaper: Labour migrants. Indispensable to the Netherlands.